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Activity Based Costing
Calculate full cost of products and
ABC Activity BasedCosting

Managing the margin on your products or services requires a realistic model of to calculate their total cost.

Valoptia.ABC is a powerful and simple solution to calculate and analyze the total cost of products and services, with a short turn around, and leaving your cost controlling experts in full control.

To better anticipate business changes and secure strategic decisions, Valoptia.ABB module allows you to simulate cost evolutions based on various business scenarios and assumptions.

For a practical implementation of a complete costs approach with our solution Valoptia.ABC, please watch our videos:

Video 1/2 - Concepts and methodology

Les avantages

Video 2/2 - Practical implementation

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Votre profil
  • You are in charge of tenders

  • You manage a shared services center

  • You are a CTO or CIO, you want to manage cost, you need to explain the cost of services you provide


Valoptia.ABC et ABB will make your life easier.

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Les +
Cost re allocation
Référentiels métiers
Simultion de coûts
Catalogues d'activités et de services
Axes d'analyse
Web reports
Cost drill down

Built-in implementation of "Activity Based Costing"


Multiple reallocation steps to aggregate cost of end-services, bundles or customers

Billing models

Cost simulation based on business scenarios (implementing Activity Based Budgeting)


Automated creation of activities and services catalogs

Change-friendly interface to easily and autonomously adapt cost model to the real world

Dynamic, graphical reports, direct interface to BI and Dataviz solutions

Detailed reports to explore and explain cost, from a PO all the way to a billed customer

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