Action Plan Management
Manage improvement

Valoptia.APM (Action Plan Management) is an intuitive, collaborative solution to manage and share your improvement programs and action plans.

Valoptia.APM lets you design your own action form templates and share them for action owners to enter and update all necessary information. Actions can be attached to CBS (cost breakdown structure) and OBS (Organization Breakdown Structures). All entered forms can then be consolidated and aggregated in various customized reports (cash flow estimates, scenario comparisons, risk assessment, etc.).


User interface is friendly and intuitive, with direct access to all functions with a single click. It is compatible with tablets and touchscreens.


Valoptia.APM is available in English, Portuguese (Brazilian), German and French.

  • Purchasing

  • "Strategy" experts

  • Design/engineering professionals

  • "Costing" and "improvement" teams

  • Consultants


Valoptia.APM is for you.

Valoptia.APM offers:

  • Fully customizable and dynamic action forms

  • Le lien des actions avec des structures de coûts de type CBS (Cost Breakdown Structure), qui permet d’appliquer une même action à plusieurs niveaux d’une structure de coût

  • Automated cost updates based on market indices

  • Time/schedule display of action plans

  • 100% collaborative solution

  • Fast and cost efficient deployment

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